The basic components of our activities are as follows;

  • ISCO during its inception will be acting as a clearing house for fresh ideas on the total well being of students in all aspects of life such as physical, mental as well as spiritual.
  • As an Organisation advocating national policies and programs for students.
  • ISCO will intensively lobby decision making and familiarize the public with its policies and programs concerning students.
  • At the same time, ISCO has also launched specific programs designed to increase public awareness of issues related to students.
  • During its first year, ISCO activities were aimed at carrying out studies, providing information and conducting expanded public services, this will still continue.
  • ISCO also aims at playing a leading role in establishing three students welfare institutions namely; Forum for Peace Among Students (FPAS), Forum for Students Promotion and Development (FSPD) and The Ghana Equitorial Forum for Students Welfare (GEFSW). All these fora we believe will make significant contribution in promoting Students Welfare at Regional, National and International Levels.

As a strong advocate for national policies on students welfare, ISCO will play a key role in launching the Decade of the Student-child, the incorporation of students and youth matters in the country’s broad outlines of state policy and the foundation of Eight Virtues of the ideal Ghanaian student in the country for development and planning.

In collaboration with other sister organisations and the ministry of education, Health and social welfare. ISCO will be organising an annual contest for students to increase public awareness and self-reliance in students’ health and welfare.This contest would later be extended nationwide.

ISCO aimed at carrying out studies on working childern, street children, children and television and child abuse. The findings from these studies would be distributed to interested parties or presented at many fora and also to policy makers.

A drop-in center for street children by ISCO as a pilot project for street children in Ghana.It helps the student-child to abandon street life and return to their own or adopted homes, in order to pursue a decent living.

A scientific reference center on student growth and development, named the Kofi Annan International Student Information Center (KAISIC) in honour of United Nations General Secretary Dr.Kofi Annan would be set-up to maintain over ten thousand books as a library resource and a data bank, providing a data and information on issues related to student welfare. In addition a hotline service on matters related to students, ISCO aimed at publishing health and educational magazine, a quarterly magazine on current issues concerning students.

To enhance students awareness about the A and B not C, Abstinence and be faithful to yourself and not the use of condom (i.e. A and B not C).ISCO organised training programs for parents, teachers and students alike, including Training for Trainers on early awareness on HIV/AIDS, Street Students-Children, tutor training and sessions on prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS.

Direct services that would be provided by ISCO includes; opportunities to study abroad, placement programs for health workers, job oportunities, available scholarships, mobile libraries, school library materials, Computer training, assisting the needy and poor in society.We believe our scholarship will help (Students Children) of poor families to stay in or return to school.The mobile interest among students to help raise standard of education on HIV/AIDS in the country,especially those living in the slum areas.

As a social savety net project, the student depot aims at providing a venue for public participation to promote the welfare of students in Ghana. During its second year the depot wish to generate more than 150 million cedis through its revenue generating programs, this would be channelled to assist needy students across the country. Contribution can also come from private companies, public companies,other collaborators and individuals in the form of scholarships, cash, medicines,school facilities, educational materials, health guidance and so on.

We will actively take part in many fora on students welfare at both national and international levels.

Student creativity programs that would be carried out includes symposia,printing and development of greeting cards,books featuring paintings made by students on creative scenes and motivational write-ups.

A great and effectual door for effective system to young people will be open to every student for the expansion of objectives and situational anlysis; we notice the birthing of great opportunities, perherps the greatest in Tema.

In future we would like to have students from different backgrounds to respond positively to our call on them to serve as volunteer staff without salary.Though there will be monthly allowances.This group of people are going to be the greatest tool to facilitate our external programs more importantly during our mobile library activities.

Student creativity Not forgetting that every success comes a challenge or a test and a price to be paid.We acknowledge alot of constraints but we believe with determination and hard work all will be well.

Student The above would be carried out by means of the following; *Poster bill *Sending sampled copies of books and V.C.D’s to youth and student groups in town.*Visiting first,second and third cycle institutions to share our aims and activities.*Showing of films on quarterly basis to students *Organising seminars,workshops,conferences,youth-camps,ICT training programs and Outreaches to educate the public in our programs*Equipping and training young people in various key areas of life.*Sponsoring tracts distribution programs and producing a bi-monthly students bulleting,which would be shared in addition with our news letter to schools,colleges and universities.*Encouraging all involved in the project to share to others about our organisation*Periodic advertisement in news papers must be encouraged.

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