INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CARE ORGANIZATION (ISCO) is an International N.G.O with huge reputation across the globe. It is a registered Honorary member of both EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(EASE) in Berlin(Germany) and AFRICAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(AASE) in Hargeisa(Somaliland). ISCO was founded in January, 18 2004. It’s aims and objectives are inline with the UN Convention on the rights of the child of which Ghana is the first signatory to it . ISCO will serve as a registered non-profit making Christian Organization in Ghana,that applies the principles and the fear of God to offer better life for students worldwide.

We believe in this scripture “Let no one seek his own good but the good of others”.(1 Cor.10:24/33).Although, a very credible Christian N.G.O, we have assisted many students from other religions as well in realizing their dreams. This is because we do not discriminate against any form of religion, we wish to announce to the general public that our doors are open to every student irrespective of their religious background.

We believe that “if you care for a student you care for an entire nation and if you refuse to show care to students you may destroy an entire nation, since students are yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s leaders”. Hence, they are a laudable assert to be kept by every Nation.


We are committed to our motto “We care for students Worldwide“. This is in line with the scripture (1Cor.12:25b).


We are committed to establishing ourselves as a Student N.G.O to assist students by providing total quality service in all areas of our operations and to help them achieve their dreams. We believe in the saying that ”if one is educated and his education cannot help someone then, one is uneducated“.



"We are committed to our motto “We care for students Worldwide“. This is in line with the scripture (1 Cor.12:25b). "


As a non-profit registered Christian Organization, under the guidance of the International Student Code of Ethics and other Sister Organizations.

ISCO is opened to collaborations with any individual or agency or organizations concern with students welfare.

ISCO has developed non-discriminative, participatory and innovative programs serving the best interest of all students.

Equality and interdependence of members.

Collective self-reliance.

Maintenance of peace and security of members.

Respect, promote and protection of members.

Peaceful settlement of disputes.

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H/No. MKT 42
Community 7,
Tema, Ghana, West Africa
Behind Adwinie Memorial Sch.

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P.O. Box  CO. 1181
Tema, West Africa


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